How to run your own Boot Camp on a Budget!

How to run your own Boot Camp on a Budget

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Getting fit through a healthy diet and regular exercise will help you to enjoy life, making the most out of every opportunity that comes your way. From the physical improvements you’ll see to your body, to the overall improvements to your health, being fit should be one of your biggest priorities. Many people assume that to get fit you need to join a gym, or take out an expensive health club membership but this isn’t the case. You could get your friends and family involved and start your own boot camp – get outside in the fresh air and stick within your budget whilst you get fit. Below, we’ve listed out our top tips to help you start your very own boot camp on a budget!


Set your goals

When you start out, gather together a few of your closest friends or family and get together to plan your goals that you’re going to achieve by attending boot camp each week. This way you can all support each other, and hold each other accountable – basically becoming each other’s personal trainers throughout the duration of your boot camp.


Plan ahead

Each week take 15 minutes to sit down and plan out your boot camp workouts for the following seven days. Aim for 2-4 sessions each week, and agree with the rest of the people attending your boot camp which days and times you’re going to work out. Trial mornings and after work, weekdays, and weekends to see which sessions suit you and your lifestyle best. The easier you can fit your workouts into your day, the more likely you are to commit to them.


The workouts!

Getting outside gives you so many amazing opportunities for fun, challenging workouts. Go for a run, trying each week to add an extra half km to your distance, or if you’re happy with your distance, shave off the time you’ve been running at. Head to the park, use the benches for tricep dips, or push-ups with either your feet on the bench or your hands. Use the monkey bars for pull-ups and the slide to do step ups onto.

For more great tips to help you live a fit, healthy lifestyle within a tight budget, read our blog (

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